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Established in 2012, The Travelling Shadow Theatre is the name under which artist Lois Conlan (that’s me!) explores puppetry, clown, sculpture, and community engagement.


The Travelling Shadow Theatre was named so, as I used to travel the world solo with my puppet shows. However, these days I’m happy to be back in my hometown of Sheffield, where I work from home with my trusty dog Barker by my side. 


I strive to produce art that is inclusive, playful, and full of heart.  It’s important for me to create work that celebrates and reminds people of the hope, curiosity, and belly laughs that can be found within life. I’m also passionate about breaking down communication barriers and enhancing accessibility, therefore I favour creating work that is non verbal.


Anywho, hope to see you soon for some fun, smiles, and adventures! Feel free to get in touch should you need anything.


Tally ho!

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