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The Travelling Shadow Theatre are an arts company working in puppetry, clown, sculpture, and community engagement.  Our work is filled with joy, wonderment, and celebration.  From Fiji, to Australia, and back to our hometown Sheffield, UK, we share magic and explode it onto streets, theatres and just about anywhere and everywhere.

We collaborate with artists to produce visual art that is inclusive, playful, and full of heart.  It’s important for us to create work that celebrates and reminds people of the hope, curiosity, and belly laughs that can be found within life.

Our work is primarily non verbal, breaking down communication barriers and enhancing accessibility.

So come join us for some fun, smiles, and adventures!

Company director Lois Conlan formed The Travelling Shadow Theatre in 2012.  When she’s not in the studio she can be found practicing her clown skills, travelling with a puppet show in tow, or working with communities on art projects.


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