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We debuted 'Nettles In The Garden' at Theatre Deli.  And here's some photos of what we got up to!  Thank you to the amazing Bispire for the photography, and also a huge thank you to the audience who came and took part in our silly puppet show xx

Here's what some of you had to say.....

'Magical! Loved it! The set is so brilliantly clever and the puppets just great... The perfect family outing! It was truly enchanting, and enjoyable for kids and parents.'

'So engrossing and full of magic and wonder. It touched me! The interaction with the children was really well done, and the clowning and mime worked brilliantly.  The puppets were full of character, and the sets enchanting.  An altogether marvellous experience.'

'Beautifully presented with delightful characters.  Lovely to see such simplicity totally enthralling the audience. Everyone was so engaged...People were entranced!'

'I liked the rabbit farting best.'

'Nettles In The Garden is a beautiful puppetry show that weaves magical storytelling and music to keep young audiences thoroughly engaged throughout.  The hand crafted puppets were mesmerising.' Sarah Sharp, Theatre Delicatessen Producer

Springing out from an old brown suitcase, come see a magical garden bloom to life!


Join Great Green Thumb the Gardening Clown, and her pal Nettles as they discover the wonder and adventures to be had within nature.  Witness mischief makers messing, monkey business brewing and shenanigans shimozzle!


Nettles in The Garden is a show full of joy with inclusion, accessibility, and laughter lying at its heart.  Using no spoken text alongside puppetry, clown and a sprinkle of audience participation, you're all invited to bring your giggles and share in this delightful world.


An original tale with original music, we hope to see you for some laughs and fun soon!


Stay after the performance and take part in our puppet making workshop, to create your own nature inspired creature to take home with you.

The show has been created for ages 2 plus, with performances being baby friendly

'Nettles In The Garden' was made during an Artists Residency at Theatre Delicatessen, Sheffield. We are incredibly grateful to all artists, charities and organisations who have been involved in the process so far.  To date out artistic team have been:

Liz Lempen - Director and Deviser

Chris Davies - Musician

Caroline Astell-Burt - Puppetry Consultant and Deviser

Lois Conlan - Performer, Maker and Deviser

And a huge shout out to our charity partner Family Voice, Sheffield.  We love working alongside you and are looking forward to the future :)


Additional support was provided by Making Room at Sheffield Theatres and The London School of Puppetry.

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