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Commissioned by Ignite Imaginations & Sheffield City Council


I built an installation to exhibit the research collected by The Grimesthorpe Story Swap team, who worked alongside the local community to collect recordings about the area. All the findings were placed within this art work which came to be known as 'Little Grimesthorpe'

Houses were built, which were small scale versions of those in the neighbourhood.  These could be opened up and explored to find a number of different surprises inside. All the houses were connected with string to a model of The Grimesthorpe Family Centre - a building which has recently been renovated for community use. 

Residents also made their own small scale houses, which were intertwined within the installation

'The art work created for Grimesthorpe Story Swap is amazing because we wanted to be able to tell stories to each other about our lives, and the way that the buildings bring this to life is just brilliant.  We can use it again and again and we can reuse the images. It's just fantastic, I'm really happy with it. Thank you.' Colin Havard, Sheffield City Council

'It's about family.' Participant

'You can really tell that it represents Grimesthorpe, from the detail on the buildings to hearing the wind blowing in the recordings. It's a wonderful celebration of the area.' Participant


Photograph by Jordanna Farrimond


Photograph by Jordanna Farrimond


Photograph by Jordanna Farrimond

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