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Lots going on, just no time :)



There's been lots going on and so I haven't had chance to keep this page up to date. Moving forward, if you would like to see what I have recently been up to its best to check out my social medias: 

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New Shadow Puppet Designs in Etsy Shop
9th April 2021


I've four new shadow puppet designs in my Etsy shop - a Brontosaurus, a dragon, a hammerhead shark and a great white shark. All my shadow puppets are laser cut out of 3mm plywood and then assembled by hand. Take a look for yourself and find out more at

'My Beautiful' film created for Turning The Pages Happiness Festival

22nd March 2021

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 17.10.00.png

Alongside children at Step Out, Earl Marshall Youth Club and Turning The Pages Courtenay-Elle Crichton-Turley, we made a little film called 'My Beautiful.' The film has been shown as part of Turning The Pages Happiness Festival, to celebrate the beauty of your local area. You can watch the whole film at 

New Shadow Puppet Designs in Etsy Shop

18th February 2021


Four new shadow puppet designs are now available on my Etsy shop, some with coloured wings! They include a unicorn, sea monster, fairy and  skeleton mermaid. Some more new designs are on their way too. You can have  look at my Etsy shop at

Art At The Heart / The Fir Vale Beehive - Ignite Imaginations

4th December 2020

It's lovely to now be able to share some photos of The Fir Vale Beehive. Created with children at Step Out, Earl Marshall Youth Club for Ignite Imaginations and funded by Arts Council England. The piece was created to spread some joy and positivity whilst sharing our thoughts and feelings of life during lockdown. Photos by Laura Page Photography. 

Art At The Heart - Ignite Imaginations

30th November 2020

art heart.jpg

For the past couple of months I have been working on Ignite Imaginations 'Art At The Heart' project. A project of four artists and four communities. In Ignite Imaginations words...


'Ignite Imaginations artists are collecting stories and anecdotes from the community about their COVID experiences, thoughts and feelings.  Their words will be transformed into four community art installations that will remain as a legacy of these unprecedented times. 


The pieces will transform a small corner of each community with a chance to reflect, a place to have hope and somewhere to smile.

The artists are Kate Sully, Liz Von Graeventitz, Angie Hardwick and Lois Conlan.

And the communities are Sharrow, Fir Vale, Darnall and the over 50's community.'

I worked alongside the community of Fir Vale to create a rainbow beehive. The project has just completed and I look forward to sharing those images with you shortly.

Ignite Imaginations are a Sheffield based art charity and you can find out more about them and the great work that they do on their website

Shark Shadow Puppet Commission Complete

21st September 2020

I was asked to make a range of different types of sharks as shadow puppets, to be used in a kindergarten.... And here's the end result!

Disney Inspired Shadow Puppet Commission Complete

5th August 2020

An Etsy customer got in touch and asked me to make a range of Disney inspired shadow puppets for them, and here's the results! Feel free to get in touch should you want anything making into a wooden shadow puppet as well... I'm really enjoying using this new technology.

'Building The Ribblehead Viaduct' for The Yorkshire Festival of Story / Settle Stories

15th July 2020

Ribblehead 15000.jpg

The Yorkshire Festival of Story will be held free online throughout the month of August. There's loads of wonderful things to see, including our short shadow puppet film 'Building the Ribblehead Viaduct.' The film will be premiered on August 3rd at 12pm. Find out more and see all the events on offer here

ArtFelt Anywhere Shadow Puppet Packs

14th July 2020

Shadow Theatre.jpg

A lovely job to do, I recently created a shadow puppet pack for ArtFelts project, ArtFelt Anywhere packs. These packs have been designed so that they can be given to patients at Sheffield Childrens Hospital to get creative whilst at their bedside and adhere to government guidelines when it comes to social distancing. And the good news is you can also have ago yourself at home and check out the other fun packs created by local artists, just head to

PS. Lovely design work by their in house team!

New Puppets on Etsy Shop

23rd June 2020

I've been enjoying slowly adding more designs to my Etsy shop, most recently the elephant and Chinese dragon shadow puppet... More coming soon as well! You can see the shop at

New Etsy Shop

25th April 2020


I'm in the process of opening a new Etsy shop, which will sell my laser cut shadow puppets. I've been wanting to update how I make these puppets for a while. As they are now made out of wood they are more environmentally friendly compared to the plastic that I used to use. Also, the fact that I no longer need to hand cut each puppet now means that I can produce them at a lower cost, meaning a cheaper price for customers. Winning all round!  Here's the shop

'Fabvlae Aqvae' Video 31st March 2020

Hoping that you are all doing well during lockdown. To keep myself busy I've made a little video of the puppet show I created for Buxton Crescent Heritage Trust. 'Fabvlae Aqvae' is now available as part of their education program.  Learn more about the program at

Nettles In The Garden Heads to Puppet Animation Festival 2020



Pack your bag Nettles, we're heading to Scotland as part of The Puppet Animation Festival 2020.  We're so excited about making new friends and discovering beautiful places. We hope to see you along the way. You can view the full program of events here

Nettles In The Garden at Deer Shed Festival 2020



Deer Shed Festival have just announced their Under 5's program, and we're super pleased to say that Nettles In The Garden has been included, alongside a puppet making workshop. So grab your wellies and suncream and hopefully see you there. You can see the full program here: 

Grimesthorpe Story Swap Commission Complete


A video of the installation I've built for The Grimesthorpe Story Swap project. Commissioned by Ignite Imaginations, Sheffield City Council and The Grimesthorpe Story Swap team, its been wonderful to work on this project alongside the local community. In time I will share more photos and documentation of the piece, but for now I hope you enjoy this video.

'Fabvlae Aqvae' build complete for Buxton Crescent Heritage Trust


This has been a wonderful project to work on. Buxton Crescent Heritage Trust asked me to build and create a puppet show based on the Roman Era in Buxton. Its lovely to be able to finally share the finished photos with you. The show will be performed to school groups as part of their education program...So get your kids booked in! :) And thank you to Tim Green for the photography.

Skipton Puppet Festival


Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 10.25.01.png

It's the most wonderful time of the year...It's Skipton Puppet Festival time! It's this weekend, and you can catch us performing with Cuckoo: A Theatre For One throughout Friday and Saturday. Then on Sunday 'Nettles In The Garden' will be performed in The Drawing Board Tent at 1pm and 3pm. Pray for sunshine and hopefully see you there! 

Puppet Show build for Buxton Crescent Heritage Trust



Buxton Crescent Heritage Trust asked me to create and build a puppet show based on how and why the Romans went to Buxton. The show is to be performed as part of their education program and is called Fabvlae Aqvae which means Water Story in Roman script. Above shows the main character Jerome from Rome and the pop up portable theatre box. Looking forward to sharing more images with you soon. 

Studying Clown at Gaulier this Summer 


gaulier 1.jpg

I've just returned from Ecole Philippe Gaulier in France where I have playing and learning all about Clown. It was an amazing experience and I think it will take me a bit of time to process it all, but looking forward to putting what I have learnt into practice. Onwards and upwards! Speak soon chums x

Suitcase Shadow Theatre



I've been so busy that I forgot to load this build which I completed a while a go now. It's of a suitcase shadow theatre to perform short stories in. Take a look.... In other news I'm currently in France studying Le Jeu and Clown and Ecole Phillipe Gaulier, and back home I have a new build on the go which I look forward to sharing with you soon. Take care and speak soon!

Skeleton Mermaid Shadow Puppet in Etsy Shop



Nothing screams Easter more than a skeleton mermaid shadow puppet.  And here she is!  You can purchase her over on my Etsy shop 'The Travelling Shadows.'  Enjoy the long weekend folks!

'Nettles In The Garden' now available for parties - happy days!



Sorry we have been a bit quiet on here - but lots going on, hence the lack of time to update the website :) Hope you are all well.... As this is our news page we've some good news to tell you.  Our puppet show 'Nettles In The Garden' can now be booked for childrens parties and events. Happy times indeed!  We performed our first party the other week for Melissa and family - it was so lovely sharing our stories with them, so we thought 'Let's do this more often.'  If you are interested in having us perform at your event contact Lois at .... Until next time keep shining friends!

It's 2019! Workshop fun times on the way



Well its 2019!  If you are reading this you survived, well done! Lots of shadow puppet workshop fun times coming up our way.  First up is this Saturday (12th Jan) at Abbeyfield House, Sheffield.  Pop along 2-4pm where we will be making shadow puppets as part of the Peoples Kitchen Pitsmoor Event. Happy days! Speak soon and stay fresh! x

New Angry Sea Monster Shadow Puppet in Etsy Shop




for angry sea monster fun times. Happy Autumn!

Poet Laval Puppet Festival, France


New clown nose has arrived! Ready for our performances at Poet Laval Puppet Festival in the South of France...Can't wait to give it a test run :) We head there next week, and will also be working for The London School of Puppetry to assist them with their teaching. Excited! Is it too early to pack?!

'Nettles In The Garden' - WE DID IT!


Last month we debuted our new puppet show 'Nettles In The Garden' at Theatre Delicatessen, Sheffield!  Yipeee!  We are so grateful to everyone who came and supported us.

The show is now available for bookings, so should you be interested head on over to our contact page and get in touch. Happy days!

Workshop Fun Times!


In between the build for our new show 'Nettles In The Garden,' we have been doing some workshops.  Thanks so much to Showroom Cinema, Sheffield, who had us in recently! We worked with children to create shadow worlds and puppets based on the film Persepolis.  Wonderful pics by Isabelle France.



Yippeee, yippeee, yey!  It's never too early and so tickets are now on sale for the preview of our new show 'Nettles In The Garden' to be premiered at Theatre Delicatessen, Sheffield on May 19th 2018.  You can buy tickets                     And don't be confused, they have used the working title 'Nettles Longs For Butterflies' but it's the same show.  Get your wings packed and see you there!

New T-Rex Shadow Puppet in Shop


Happy New Year and all that jazz!  Hoping it was a good one and that your settling into 2018 fine and dandy....I've been busy trying to build our new show 'Nettle in The Garden' but found I was missing some essential tools along the way which I had to wait to be delivered - which meant a couple of days spare, allowing this little roarsome dude to be born.

'Nettles in the Garden' - Coming 2018!


The Travelling Shadow Theatre Presents 'Nettles in the Garden.' A brand new show full of joy, with inclusion, accessibility and laughter lying at its heart! Adapted for both street and theatre performances keep your eyes peeled for us in 2018...Here's a lil' blurb for you...

'Springing out from an old brown suitcase, Nettles shows us the beautiful world he lives in, including his beloved garden.  But where are the flowers?!


It appears that mischief makers are messing , monkey business is brewing and shenanigans shimozzle! Can Nettles find a solution to all these funny frolics?

Using no spoken text alongside puppetry, clown and a sprinkle of audience participation, your all invited to help Nettles solve his problem and share in his delightful world.

Nettles in the Garden is brought to you by The Travelling Shadow Theatre - an internationally touring company which calls Sheffield its home.'


'Absinthe' built at Puppets In Prague


Very lucky to have attended a recent workshop at Puppets In Prague, to create this trick skeleton marionette who has hailed the name 'Absinthe.' She is based on the traditional Czech design and can do all sorts of fun stuff, including appearing to disassemble herself and then magically come back together.  Look out for her, as we aim to take her street performing with us in the future. She's a hoot!

'Cuckoo' at Skipton Puppet Festival


We can't wait for Skipton Puppet Festival this weekend where we will be performing with Cuckoo.  There's always so much great stuff going on so head on down and have a lovely day! 

'Cuckoo' at Charleville Puppet Festival 2017 


Thank you for having us to perform Charleville - it was a dream to be able to do so!  And it was so wonderful to be able to see so many inspiring shows from other companies.  And thanks to puppet pals who caught this moment of some children enjoying Cuckoo at the festival.  We're already counting down the days for Charleville 2019!

Performing at Charleville Puppet Festival, France


Super excited to be setting sail this weekend and heading on over to the prestigious and incredibly inspiring Charleville Puppet Festival.  We are part of their 'Off Rue' program and you can catch us street performing with our piece 'Cuckoo' throughout the festival, either at Ile du Vieux Moulin or at the Espace Festival. Hopefully see you there...Au revoir!

Busking in Spain


Hola amigos! Hope alls well....I find myself busking around Spain at the moment, I'm not used to the heat but getting there.  Photos above are of San Sebastian - it was great to meet fellow busking puppeteer heres too...Looking forward to sharing new and exciting busking spots with you soon....To be continued...Here's hoping you are all up to lovely Summer adventures aswell...xx

Busking in New Zealand


Kia Ora friends!  Currently on a lovely busking adventure around New Zealand.  We have been performing with 'Cuckoo: A Theatre For One' alongside our lil' marionette 'Nettles.' Busking spots to date have included Wellington Night Market, Wellington Indoor Market, Wellingtons Cuba Street, Queenstown Market and Queenstown Lakeside.  Upcoming stops include Christchurch and Nelson....Keep a look out for us and come say hello! Talk soon and be happy! 

Busking with 'Cuckoo: A Theatre For One'


Keep a look out for us as we start a busking tour with our Theatre For One.  Yesterday we were down in London, and all being well we will be heading overseas very soon.  To be continued!

'My One True Glove' at Theatre Delicatessen, Sheffield


We've had such a wonderful time as part of the Deaprture Point residency at Theatre Delicatessen over the Summer.  Thanks so much for having us!  We developed our piece 'My One True Glove' and presented it to a sold out audience at Theatre Delicatessen and Bradford Playhouse.  The creative team were:


Jessica Gibson - Deviser and Performer

Lois Conlan - Deviser and Performer

Aaron Mears - Live Musical Accompaniment

Caroline Astell-Burt - Mentor and Deviser


An amazing experience!  Some photos of rehearsals, behind the scenes, and the performance by Joseph Samuel Priestly below:

Departure Point, 2016 at Theatre Delicatessen


We're happy and excited to annouce that The Travelling Shadow Theatre are part of Theatre Delicatessens program 'Deaprture Point 2016' - a new and exciting 10 week training programme for emerging theatre companies and collectives.  We're looking forward to the future and seeing what we create!  To be continued!



Currently doing a bit more travelling than making at the moment.  Kia Ora from New Zealand!  Talk soon...

School Visit


Lois headed into her old school in Sheffield the other day to discuss shadow puppetry, and puppetry as a career with the students.  Fun for all!

New Elephant Shadow Puppet Available on our Etsy Shop


So there's a new lady in town!  And she is available to buy on our Etsy shop here

Sold Out Season at Theatre Delicatessen, Sheffield


And it's a wrap!  Thank you so much to all who came down and supported us at our recent Theatre Deli shows.  We sold out each night three times over and had to move to a bigger venue - we're so grateful to everybody who came and made it such a special event.  Additionally, a huge thanks to Theatre Delicatessen who made it all possible.  We look forward to seeing everyone again soon.....


Unfortunately we were so busy, we didn't really get any photos.  But here's an image of the performance space before the arrival of the audience, plus musicians Toby Hay, Jim Ghedi and Josh Kelson having a rehearsal before the main event....


Just one month to go before our Theatre Deli show, and so to get you excited here is a little promo video for 'The Death Curiosities.' Live musical accompaniment in the video is by Melbourne based musician, David Wells....  Enjoy and hope to see you there!

New Dragon Shadow Puppet in Etsy Shop

Check out more here 


Recently, a school in London got in touch and asked us to make two shadow puppets that could be used in the classroom with children, to tell 'The Story of Nian' and of how Chinese New Year came to be.  And so here are the puppets.....

And here they are having a little play.....


Here's the poster for our Theatre Deli dates in Sheffield.  A hand printed, lino cut poster by Lois at The Travelling Shadow Theatre.  All being well you should be able to get one at the event, but in the meantime you can also pick one up online here


And tickets available here


Moor Theatre Delicatessen, Sheffield

February 25th and 26th, 2016 @ 7.30pm



Following on from the success of our Lynwood Gardens show, we're back to perform 'The Death Curiosities' once again in Sheffield.  And we will be off travelling again soon, so come see us whilst you can!


Music by Jim Ghedi, Toby Hay and Josh Kelson

Puppetry by Lois Conlan


Tickets are £7 and available here 


More info on Facebook



Thanks so much to everybody who came down last night to see the show at Bloc.  It was wonderful to have a full house, and we all had loads of fun.....It was great to work alongside some great artists and celebrate the music of Jim Ghedi.  More photos and stuff to come but for now here's this one....And in the meantime, you can hear more of Jim Ghedis music over here


Bloc Artspace, Sheffield

November 24th, 2015 @ 7pm

We have a new and exciting event coming up soon....The Travelling Shadow Theatre presents a live mixed art performance inspired by Jim Ghedi's debut album 'Home Is Where I Exist, Now To Live & Die'. 

This mixed art event will be conducted from a team of artists using shadow puppetry, live projections, art, object installations and live sound / music. 
The show will be a running dialogue focusing on theme's of travelling / exploring the new, to then making that journey back to reconnect to home. `


Presented at BLOC Art Projects, Sheffield
Ticket information coming soon.

Performed by: 
Liz Von Graevenitz - Projections / Object Installation / Live Art 
Lois Conlan - Puppetry / Shadow Art / Object Theatre
Jim Ghedi - Sound & Music / Field Recordings / Noise
Ric Booth - Sound & Music / Object Installation / Noise
Toby Hay - Sound & Music


Head over to Facebook for more info 

New Hand and Eye Patch  Available in Shop

We have a new handprinted lino print patch available to buy on our Etsy here. Take a look....

'My One True Glove' (2015)

'My One True Glove' is a new five minute piece created by The Travelling Shadow Theatre.  It has been performed at Skipton Puppet Festival as well as local schools, and is a development of 'Les Gants' - a puppet installation we performed at Poet Laval Puppet Festival earlier this year.  


'Thought provoking and highly imaginative.' Audience member

'Bird Box' - A Theatre For One (2015)

This theatre for one was performed at Skipton Puppet Festival, 2015.  The viewer watches the piece through a large bird box hole.  Inside is revealed a short shadow puppet performance, accompanied by an original recorded score from Sheffield based musician, Jim Ghedi.  Look out for us busking with it soon.....


'Striking imagery...Mesmerising and intriguing.' Audience member

'Les Gants' at Poet Laval Puppet Festival, France (2015)

Back in July we travelled to the Poet Laval Puppet Festival in the South of France to perform a new puppet installation entitled 'Les Gants.'  The piece took place in an old barn room, and was for an intimate audience of six.   It was a beautiful festival and a great experience.

'THE DEATH CURIOSITIES' at Lynwood Gardens, Sheffield.

On May 23rd, 2015, The Travelling Shadow Theatre presented 'The Death Curiosities' to a packed woodland at Lynwood Gardens, Sheffield.  It was a truely magical night and we'd like to thank all of you who came.  Live musical accompaniment was provided by Robert E Lee, Jim Ghedi and Jeesaw Kelzebob.  Puppetry by Lois Conlan.  Keep a look out as we hope to do it again...



Handprinted lino print poster for our Sheffield show of 'The Death Curiosities' at Lynwood Gardens, May 23rd.  Although it is to be noted that we have now moved the time of 9pm to 8pm.  And following on from requests, you can now pick one of the posters up online here

'THE DEATH CURIOSITIES', Lynwood Gardens, Sheffield.

May 23rd, 2015 @9pm

Having been travelling for a few years, The Travelling Shadow Theatre are happy to be back in Sheffield (UK), to perform their production 'The Death Curiosities' in Lynwood Gardens..


Music by Robert E Lee and Jim Ghedi

Puppetry by Lois Conlan


It's a free event, but donations welcome.


It would be wonderful to see you there!  Find out more on the Facebook page:

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