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Hansel and Gretel Shadow Puppets

Hansel and Gretel Shadow Puppets

Here is a collection of Hansel and Gretel shadow puppet characters.

They are my original designs, which I have cut on my laser cutter and then hand assembled.

The characters are Hansel, Gretel, a witch and a cage

The puppets are cut out of 6mm plywood and sewn onto a wooden stick, which is approx 30cm long.

The dimensions of the puppets are approximately:

Hansel: 10cm high x 2.5cm wide 
Gretel: 10cm high x 4cm wide
Witch: 12.5cm high x 5.5cm wide
Cage: 12.5cm high x 7.5cm wide

Enjoy playing and using your imagination to recreate this famous fairytale 🍭

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