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Hansel and Gretel Shadow Toy Theatre

Hansel and Gretel Shadow Toy Theatre

Here is a Hansel and Gretel Shadow Toy Theatre, with original design by myself.

The theatre is flat pack and has been laser cut in my home studio and then assembled by hand.

The theatre is made up of a wooden house, with a cotton shadow screen attached using velcro, and four puppets - Hansel, Gretel, a witch and a cage. Also included is a wooden laser cut phone holder so you can use the torch on your phone to create the shadows.

Approx dimensions of the house when assembled are 26.5 cm wide x 21cm long x 35cm high. It has been cut out of 3mm plywood.

Each puppet is cut out of 6mm plywood and attached to 30cm sticks.
Approximate dimensions of the puppets are:
Hansel: 10cm high x 2.5cm wide
Gretel: 10cm high x 4cm wide
Witch: 12.5cm high x 5.5cm wide
Cage: 12.5cm high x 7.5cm wide

You can use the theatre with or without the use of shadows.

You can also paint and decorate the theatre however you like or leave the wood bare.

Enjoy playing, using your imagination and sharing stories :)

Images and design are copyright

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